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This video is so amazing. Can’t wait for season two! [x]



Prompt: Bellarke. Love is whiskey and it burns.

It was a coincidence, really, that Bellamy found himself sitting in this exact bar on this exact date. The whiskey in his hand wasn’t, but that was because the days had ended where his fingers didn’t hold a tinkling glass of the stuff.


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“I can’t believe they haven’t found out about us yet.”

Words: 371, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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We Are Grounders part II
I Another one of Bell’s amazing speeches I
i Cried :)


a slight warning - i can only stress the angst tag on this story when it comes to this chapter. also, apologies for the wait!

we’re living in a heartbreak dream

bellamy and clarke fell in love in high school, and the ghost of their two year relationship seems to follow them as they get older. there’s no escaping small town life, and apparently, theres no escaping your small town, high school sweetheart either.

chapter six (ao3/fanfiction)

Clarke ran a tired hand through her hair as she shoved the last of her stuff into the back of her small car, trying to remember if she had everything. It was a week to Christmas, and she was about to head home.


After she and Bellamy had talked things through, she felt a lot better about going back to Bowman when the holidays rolled around. It still hurt, and she did still miss him, but she was getting there. Clarke used to miss him every single day, but now it was more like every once and a while - when something good happened, when she found a great new coffee shop, or got an A on an assignment. 

That was the thing about long term relationships, Clarke decided. You got so used to having someone there for the little things, being able to text them about something as trivial as a new coffee shop you liked was just habit and not being able to do that anymore was hard to get used to.

She was getting there though.

(at least, thats what she told herself.)

“Hey Clarke, have a good break.” Alyssa offered her a bright smile, lugging her cases out of their dorm building.

“You too.” Clarke returned the smile. “I’ll see you in January.”

“Bright and early.” Alyssa laughed, giving her a quick hug. “Try not to get into any fights with ex-boyfriends when you’re home.” She teased

“Oh, haha.” Clarke rolled her eyes. “I’ll do my best.”

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Anonymous said: Bellamy wakes up to Clarke on the ground in labor. He starts to get mad at her for not waking him up at the same time as worrying about her.


A/N: I hope this is what you wanted. Most of this is wrote from my own personal experience. 

For the past few hours Clarke had laid awake in bed, with Bellamy asleep besides her. 

Her lower back ached and it was constant. Refraining from moving in case she woke Bellamy up, she had just stayed in bed, hoping it would subside. But it hadn’t. And here she was, getting more and more frustrated.  

Clarke pulled her hair to the side, to allow the cool air to hit her clammy neck. She glanced down at her swollen stomach. These past few days, she had become more irritated with herself. How do women go through this more than once? 

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►Bellamy and Clarke → Fire and Ice 

(Source: bellarke-klayley)

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